The Team of Professional Security Agents

The Team of Professional Security Agents

At J & A Group Services Inc, we understand that every situation and individual has different security needs. Considering this fact, we employ security agents of various levels to go the extra mile and meet any requirement with the utmost efficiency. J & A Group, Services teams are at different levels based on their training and specialties.

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Unmatched Professionalism & Discretion

Unmatched Professionalism  & Discretion

Our protection and protocols ensure an unsurpassed level of service in the industry. Our agents remain alert and exhibit unmatched professionalism and discretion. To ensure our services are of the highest caliber, we continue educating the teams responsible for our client’s safety and security.

We stand for

  • Service to our Customers

  • Loyalty to Leadership

  • Reverence for Ourselves

  • Integrity in All We Do

  • Respect All

  • Quality through Improvement


Professional Concierge

Professional Concierge

We offer professional concierge services in various hotels and residential properties. Our unarmed, highly skilled residential/on-site security agents are trained in the following:

  • Patrolling the property

  • Monitoring surveillance equipment

  • Controlling access points

  • Protecting clients and their families and staff inside the property

  • Preventing loss or damage to property

  • Receiving packages

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What Our Agents Handle

What Our Agents Handle

Armed off-duty law enforcement officers with basic law enforcement academy or military training and effective de-escalation techniques.

Unarmed state-certified security agents specialized in CPR/AED, active shooter prevention, fire safety, and first aid.