Hire Hotel Security Guards in Los Angeles, CA

Hire Hotel Security Guards  in Los Angeles, CA

A hotel stay should be a relaxing vacation for you and your family or guests, not a time of constant worry over their—or your—safety and security in an unfamiliar place. Let the experts at J & A Group Services ensure your safety and that of your guests during hotel stays in and around Los Angeles, CA, with our specialized hotel security services.

Whether you’re looking to keep yourself and your travel companions safe on your vacation, or if you manage a resort and need to invest in extra security for VIPs or hotel events, J & A Group Services has trustworthy hotel security guards on our roster to keep everyone safe and the hotel secure.

Why Choose J & A Group Services for Your Hotel Security?

Why Choose J & A Group Services for Your Hotel Security?

J & A Group Services is committed to providing the best, most highly-vetted security personnel to our clientele. We rigorously vet the backgrounds of all applicants before hiring and continue to test and train every operative throughout to ensure that our entire team stays sharp in the field.

Our concierge agents are poised and polished to maintain the air of luxury any resort stay demands. These elite professionals have training that allows them to blend in seamlessly as they monitor the hotel perimeter, interior, and surveillance equipment to ensure the safety of hotel guests and staff and the security of hotel & guest property. Our agents can receive packages to ensure anything that makes it to your room is safe, and so that no one can turn your purchase as an opportunity to gain unauthorized access.

All our agents are state-certified and trained in CPR/AED, first aid, fire safety, and active shooter prevention techniques to maintain the safety of all in any situation and ensure your total peace of mind.

To retain our expert security services at your hotel, call J & A Group Services at 888-462-8552 today.